Strange Fixations, Vol. 22 — superman is DEAD and shit is SERIOUS

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Hello friends!

I took a couple weeks off because things have been pretty busy around here and also the stuff I was obsessed with was more work-based than fun, media-based. But today, Zack Snyder’s Justice League aka the Snyder Cut got released. I wasn’t even going to watch it at first because frankly, I have little invested in the DC movies, I never saw Batman vs. Superman in its entirety or the theatrical release of Justice League, and all the Snyder fanboys on the internet have so thoroughly put me off anything even remotely related to Zack Snyder that it…

Strange Fixations, Vol. 21 — because it’s in the music

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Hello friends.

I’ve been busy this week, all my various odd jobs have kicked into high gear at the same time, as they often do when I’m least expecting it. Haven’t had much time to dive into new episodes of TV shows, my podcast queue is growing longer, and my goal of reading a little bit each day is getting harder to hit. But one thing I have managed to make time for is listening to the soundtracks for Supergiant Games’ and inspired by our I’ll Show You Mine episode on Bastion, releasing today. I really enjoyed our playthrough of…

Strange Fixations, Vol. 20 — is it useful or is it clickbait

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Hello friends!

How’s your week been? Probably better than Rush Limbaugh’s, because he died. But if you’re in Texas, the sudden snowstorm that left many without power has not been pleasant either. I’ll link to mutual aid funds at the bottom of this post. Those of us who come from warmer climes know that not all areas are equipped for the kind of extreme weather we’re seeing a lot more of lately and so events like these can be really dangerous for some folks! Hang in there and stay warm, y’all.

Anyway, let’s just dive right into it, shall we…

Strange Fixations, Vol. 19 — hot take? not that bad!

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Hello friends!

Hope you have been keeping sane as 2021 rolls on, Trump’s impeachment trial crawls onward, and all of us in the US continue to hold our breath for those stimmy checks and vaccine updates.

What I’ve been doing is a lot of exercising, reading, writing, and also last weekend I took some edibles and finally sat down to watch Cats.

Cats made a big splash when it was released in late December 2019, mainly because it was released with a number of CGI errors and glitches that would later be “patched” in a subsequent digital release. The visual…

Strange Fixations, Vol. 18 — remember how you used to be?

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Hey friends.

I feel like this has been a pretty mild one, all things considered. Sure, there’s the whole Marjorie Taylor Greene thing, stonks continue to be going crazy because of memes, Myanmar had a coup, and we’re all still waiting for those $2000 checks (WE ALL HEARD WHAT YOU SAID, J’BIDEN!) but that’s only like four things instead of 50 right? Oh who am I kidding, it’s all nutballs all the time these days, what can you do but stay as active and informed as you can and… cope?

Well cope I DID, dear reader. I’m still working on…

Strange Fixations, Vol. 17 — what even is art

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Hello friends!

This week has been another statement from 2021 that she is not to be outdone by 2020 and will be taking us all for a wild ride, no bones about it. Reddit pretty much singlehandedly blew up some hedge funds and the internet was ablaze with people either laughing at the fallout or rushing to tell everyone laughing that actually stonks are very serious and important and the backbone of our society or something. I don’t really get the details, I’ve always been too poor and dumb to get involved in stocks, no one in my family has…

Strange Fixations, Vol. 16 — doing yoga and getting strong

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Hello friends.

We made it! The Trump presidency is officially over and it’s time to start bullying Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. for all those progressive promises that were made during campaign time. Hope you are still checking in on your local representatives and keeping them accountable even as we head back into a more polite and normalized way of politicking than we’ve become accustomed to over the past four years. Whether you watched the inauguration with hope and joy or rolled your eyes at the pomp and circumstance, I think we can all agree those Bernie memes were fire.


Strange Fixations, Vol. 15 — hit a pokémon in the head with an apple, for science

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Hello friends!

2021 continues to serve up surprises as Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for the second time. The first president to ever do so! USA! USA! The decision to try him and possibly remove him from office before Biden’s inauguration goes to the Senate, amidst a lot of other things they need to do as the new administration prepares to take office. The attack on the Capitol continues to be a major talking point, with more information and reactions from Congress members coming out every day. …

Strange Fixations, Vol. 14 — bringing it full circle

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Hello friends!

This has been a pretty wild week. On the 6th, when Congress was set to vote to confirm the presidential election results and certify Biden as the president-elect, a mob of Trump supporters descended on the Capitol and took over the building. They wandered through Senate chambers and offices, occasionally getting into scuffles with law enforcement, whose presence was noticeably lighter than it was during the summer at Black Lives Matter protests. Word is circulating that many members of Congress are calling for Trump’s removal from office via the 25th Amendment. So, you know, there’s that. America! Incredible.

Strange Fixations, Vol. 13 — when will they let Wonder Woman be great?

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Hello friends!

Happy New Year! Goodbye to 2020, and thank fucking God. Even though we’re still fully in the middle of this whole pandemic situation, I hope you find a moment to breathe, relax, and enjoy the potential and promise of the new year.

But for now, let’s get nice and comfortable and wallow in the past, shall we? Specifically, 1984. Wonder Woman, 1984. Released on Christmas Day on HBO Max and in theatres, “WW84” follows the continuing story of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. An immortal demigoddess, Diana has outlived all her friends (including her lover Steve Trevor) from…

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